Friday, August 6, 2010


After Annie and I started singing together I realized it would always be our challenge to make two people sound full and big. In an attempt to solve that I started using a Line 6 DL4, better known as the Line 6 loop pedal. We loop or effect guitar in several of the songs off our EP Easy to Swallow. The first track we did with it was the title track, but later I used the loop function to write "Pounding the Pavement" with Annie as well.

As we write now, I am starting to see that 'feel' is really the difference we are looking for when we write new songs. The Line 6 has a feel built into it to some degree. It is tried and true for sure, but I'm ready for something new.

A few years ago a friend of mine turned me onto an artist named Jamie Lidell. Super great songwriter and singer. He used a pedal that seemed to do magic. It did all these harmonies for him, and he must have had some loop station set up because I heard all this awesome singing coming from one guy. It was a pedal by TC-Helicon that turned out to be this super complex expensive pedal nobody I knew wanted to get into.

This morning, I found that TC-Helicon has a new pedal out called the VoiceLive Touch. This thing looks awesome! It has all the nifty stuff my Line 6 has, but some awesome added features, and what I hear is awesome quality!

1. Can you take in/out loops in your looping session? in other words, does it have banks like the RC-50 from Boss.

2. Is it really $499? Anyone out there able to hook a brother up??

3. Does penis size really matter?

Heart you,

Nate b
Bucket of Honey

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