Sunday, January 2, 2011

What an incredible marathon of a holiday season. I hope, when reading this, most can agree with me in the sentiment of feeling so blessed, so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family. One of the things that made it so special were the two amazingly creative and rockin' ladies that came to stay at the Bucket of Honey house, Nate's sisters, Sam (left) and Mariel (right.) If you've listened to our music at all, you've heard me sing Sam's lyrics and melody on "Tip of My Tongue." We were so blessed and honored to have her travel all the way from Nashville to perform with us this New Years Eve at the high dive and celebrate Nate's birthday. Here's a pic we took the day before at the market (I'm behind the camara.) Miss you already girls, can't wait for next time!

Shout out to MJ and my little bro Calebwho's birthday's fell right into the holiday madness.

-Annie J.

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