Monday, September 6, 2010

Seamonster Mondays


Once a month Annie and I get a chance to try out some new material, hang out with some good friends, and listen to some great music. We are lucky enough to be in a line up of open mic hosts who rock the joint every Monday night, so finding a great Seattle player layin down some funky good music is not a rarity.

Every first Monday night you can find Annie and I hosting a line up of talented fun folks. We've had some chill nights with poets and acoustic players keeping the attention of the crowd rapt, act after act. Some nights of sheer Tom-foolery! Walk on in any ole Monday night and see live music, poetry, stand-up comedy, even the occasional naughty book reading, me-ow!

So, if you have yet to come see a Bucket of Open Mic, get yourself down here! Every first Monday of the month at the Seamonster Lounge. 9PM till 1AM or later...

See you there!

Nate b
Bucket of Honey

Seamonster Lounge
2202 North 45th Street,
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 992-1120 ()

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