Tuesday, May 17, 2011

AK Tour 2011 *LIVE Radio Interview!*

So, Annie and I headed off last weekend on our first Alaska Tour! The instant we landed, we were met by the owner of the first venue we were playing (The Rendezvous, Juneau, AK) and taken on a tour of town. Not a long trip mind you, as Juneau has a very short stretch of road, and none that leave town at all! Shortly after we were dropped off at our host house, in keeping with rock star fashion, we were invited to play at the local radio station. I should say, one of the local stations. Juneau has a nice choice of radio stations, with what seems to be a good following. In a player below you can listen to the interview we did live on KXLL. Although we had quite a trip, I have to say this was one of the highlights for me. The sound in the room was very alive and we had a blast talking with DJ Andy Kline. In between the first and second song Andy jokes about Yacht Rock! Huge bonus points to him for even knowing what that is!!

I just wanted to get this up for all our peeps to check out! Please enjoy! More to come on Alaska!

Nate b

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