Thursday, August 11, 2011

Renegade Road

Renegade Road
Inspired by Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns

Each time we do Bushwick Book Club is a new adventure. (If you've not heard about the Bushwick Book Club click here: BWBC) This time around we got the chance to write to a graphic novel, the first I've read all the way through and it was a very different experience from reading a regular ole book. I found it hard to follow at first, but when as the deadline approached I found myself quite enjoying it. Usually, Annie and I have long conversations out on our porch about the books we read for BWBC. It is there we discover what want to write about, what style or genre, and any "hook" ideas we have for the tune or tunes. This time was much different. Annie had a very clear idea what she wanted to write about, and even what kind of song it would be. I guess I was the same when it came to The Princess Bride: I knew I wanted to write a rap battle between the man in black and Vincinni. Her idea was a sad country song.
I guess given that I was going through a break up at the time, and was in a hurt-y place, I was into writing a sad song. Plus, I thought Annie's idea was awesome and it was easy to get on board. The chord progression was easy enough for me to get going, and I certainly helped with the idea of renegade, (Annie kept saying outlaw, and finally I suggested renegade) but mostly Annie took the lead on this one. I think she had about two songs under her belt when we met and this was really a coming out for her. Not to say I had nothing to do with the song, but certainly the majority of the verse and even most of the chorus is her writing, both lyrically and musically. It was a busy time for me and I needed to have some of the song writing burden lifted, while Annie needed to see that she is an awesome writer. Win/win. Now, it is one of my favorite songs to play even though it's terribly sad.

Wow. Can I just say how much I love this guy? Truly, I can't put into words all Nate has brought into my life. To a smaller degree, I feel similarly about the book club. It has been a wonderful writing exercise for us providing motivation and structure, offering specificity in inspiration. Now The Dark Knight Returns is one of my favorite books. What better way to celebrate finishing a novel that has truly moved you than to write a song about it. I still feel the same emotional pull I felt reading that last chapter every time we sing our song, Renegade Road. Though it is sad, it is so much fun for us. I would say, just as exhilarating as reading the book.

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