Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Nectar Lounge 10/27/10

If you have seen us before, you have likely seen us with the Zimm and Arock. This entertaining duo has hosted us on several occasions, including our first bar gig at The Sunset Tavern. After meeting the Zimm at one of our open mic Mondays at the Seamonster, Alex (The Zimm) came up to us and asked if we would like to play out with him sometime. Without hesitation we replied, "Hell yes!!" and magic happened. We have played several gigs with this group and are sure to be seen with them again in the future! If you've not heard these guys, go check them out:
You can catch us tomorrow night at Nectar Lounge playing with The Zimm and Arock, we go on at 9pm they go after us!

A huge thanks goes out to both these guys. We are lucky to have fellow musicians as committed to local music as these two are in our lives. Well played gentleman.

See you tomorrow!

Nate B
Bucket of Honey

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