Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New Guitar

After the rush of performing with the Bushwick Book Club on Sunday I've been itchin' to get my hands on my new guitar and write something. The sound is so wonderful, I have just sat here noodling for the last hour. What a joy to play.

So, I thought I'd give you the history of my guitar and all the wheelings and dealings I did to acquire it.

The story begins some 10 years ago when my mom, grandma, and aunt Yella all pitched in to buy me my first electric guitar and amp. Let it be known that grandma was none too thrilled about the "electric" aspect of this purchase, "it's too loud Nat en," my grandma said in her thick German accent.

I played my red burst fake Gretch through a nice Fender tube amp for all of two days maybe. While I know I should have been excited, I just don't like playing electric as much as acoustic. So, after several years of letting my nice stuff gather dust, I traded in my electric rig for a shiny newish Ovation Standard Balladeer. You have likely seen me play it if you have seen a BOH show. It was my only playing out guitar up until last week when I bought this, my new Martin acoustic. The Martin is not cheap though. I sold my Ovation (not the move) as well as my Blue Mic to pay for half of my new instrument. The rest, or a good portion of the rest, was paid for by you! Annie insisted that we spend the money to get a quality instrument, and I agreed! Thank you Bucket of Honey fans! Your support through CD sales, cover charges, and liquor sales has granted me my wish, a new Martin guitar! My mom and grandma would be so pleased.


Nate B
Bucket of Honey

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